RP 390T

Moplen RP390T is a nucleated random copolymer used for injection moulding. Moplen RP390T offers a very good flowability and an excellent transparency and organoleptic performance. Moplen RP390T is typically used in the production of thin walled packaging with high transparency and high requirements for organoleptic properties. In multilayer barrier systems, processors have found that it provides good adhesion with the inner barrier layer, without impacting the overall transparency and processability. Moplen RP390T has a superior aesthetic appearance and can be processed at significantly lower temperatures, enabling convertors to generate energy savings and improved productivity due to reduced cycle times. Moplen RP390T is a development grade.

Emballage à paroi mince, Emballage rigide, Produits ménagers, Récipients

Moulage par injection


The resin is packed in 25 kg bags, octabins or bulk containers protecting it from contamination. If it is stored under certain conditions, i. e. if there are large fluctuations in ambient temperature and the atmospheric humidity is high, moisture may condense inside the packaging. Under these circumstances, it is recommended to dry the resin before use. Unfavorable storage conditions may also intensify the resin’s slight characteristic odor.
Resin should be protected from direct sunlight, temperatures above 40°C and high atmospheric humidity during storage. Higher storage temperatures may reduce the storage time.